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Call for volunteers

If your dream is to have your written word displayed in glossy HTML on a second-rate pro wrestling website - man, have I got a deal for you!

Oh, and get a life. No, JUST KIDDING! Geez!

I am looking for "guest columnists" to help fill in the blanks between Monday and Sunday - I'll do Heat, RAW and Nitro (and Smackdown! when it starts) but I need people to contribute their takes on PPV cards, house shows, THUNDER!, Shotgun, ECW, Saturday Night and any other television shows you may have available. Hell, if you want to talk about that Japanese stuff I don't get, or lucha libre, I'm pretty open - there's always an audience - together you and I can reach them!

I'm looking for people who can not only have an opinion, but also do a fair amount of reporting WHAT happened, WHAT was said, and HOW LONG it took. Match times are a big thing for me, I've heard... but the main thing is, "describe the show in such a way that somebody who *didn't* see it can *feel* like they have."

In addition, I'm interested in freeform columns that say things that nobody's EVER thought of - or if you can't be unique, then say the same things everyone else has said, but do it differently. (huh?)

So what can I offer you in return for generating content? Well, "fame and fortune" is probably an exaggeration, but any kind of rub you think might exist from appearing on a site associated with "CRZ" can be yours! If you have a URL you'll get it seen, and maybe somebody will send you some email feedback. And isn't COMMUNICATION what it's all about?

No? Well, maybe it can lead somewhere else down the road. Who knows?

Also, you can rest assured that I won't change anything you submit to me - well, maybe I'll add some colours if you don't mind - but no editing. For better or for worse. Your name on it, your text - hopefully your hatemail and not mine. ;-)

If you're intrigued, send me an email and we can work something out.



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