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(All Rankings through 12.03.02) (sorry I'm late - CRZ)

Previous Rank: #1 (Five Weeks @ No.1)
Last Week: Def. Kane

2. ROB VAN DAM (15-5)
Previous Rank: #2
Last Week: Lost to Goldust; Def. (w/Hardyz) Regal &

3. THE ROCK (7-4)
Previous Rank: #3
Last Week: No Contest v Hall; Lost (w/Austin) to nWo

4. TRIPLE H (6-4)
Previous Rank: #4
Last Week: Idle

Previous Rank: #4
Last Week: Lost (w/Dudleyz) to RVD & Hardyz

Previous Rank: #9
Last Week: Def. Lance Storm

Previous Rank: #5
Last Week: Lost (w/Rocky) to nWo

8. KANE (6-4)
Previous Rank: #7
Last Week: Lost to Jericho

9. TEST (10-5)
Previous Rank: #10
Last Week: Def. Rikishi

10. KURT ANGLE (8-9)
Previous Rank: #11
Last Week: Def (w/Booker) Edge & Big Show

11. BILLY (14-3)
Previous Rank: #8
Last Week: Lost to Christian

12. BOOKER T. (9-10)
Previous Rank: #14
Last Week: Def. Tajiri; Def (w/Angle) Edge & Big Show

13. JAZZ (7-2)
Previous Rank: #15
Last Week: Def (w/Stacy) Lita and Trish

14. GOLDUST (6-4)
Previous Rank: #12
Last Week: Def. RVD; Lost Hardcore Title to Al Snow

15. SCOTT HALL (2-0)
Previous Rank: Unranked
Last Week: Def (w/Nash & Hogan) Austin & Rock

Dropping Out: Chuck

Win/Loss - Billy 14-3
Quality Points - Chris Jericho
Strength of Schedule - Booker T
Fan Votes - Scott Hall

ANALYSIS (and you can't spell it without A-N-A-L)
This was a real tough week for the rankings and most of the big guns took a hit, especially with Rock and Austin falling to the nWo last night. Five of the top ten wrestlers (RVD, Austin, Rock, Regal, and Kane) jobbed out this week. This led to a minor shirt of chance in the rankings, with Austin falling a couple of spots and number-one contender Triple H gearing up for Wrestlemania by moving into the four spot.

Looking at the top Chris Jericho held his ground well this week with a big win over Kane. This will insure that he will go into his match Sunday as the number one wrestler in the company. Rob Van Dam could've made a case to be number one, but he took a big loss to Goldust thanks to William Regal. RVD was also one of the few who had a chance to get a win back, which he did on RAW.

Rock ended up in a no-contest on his first match back, and then lost to the nWo on RAW. Despite all this, he retained his spot simply because there was no one to take it (kind of like last week, huh?)

After Trips and Regal, we see Diamond Dallas Page gain back the three spots he lost last week. He's also gained a match at Wrestlemania (I assume) with Christian. I could go on all day on how they should've kept Christian face, but that's neither here nor there. We'll see if DDP can keep his winning streak alive after X8.

Only one new wrestler this week, but it's a big one. Scott Hall rode the fan vote all the way onto the big board despite only wrestling in two matches with decisions. I am really looking forward to his match with Austin at Wrestlemania.

(1)Chris Jericho v (4)Triple H
(2)Rob Van Dam v (5)William Regal
(3)The Rock v Hollywood Hogan
(6)Diamond Dallas Page v Christian
(7)Steve Austin v (15)Scott Hall
(8)Kane v (10)Kurt Angle
(12)Booker T v Edge
(13)Jazz v Trish v Lita
(11)Billy & Chuck v All Corners


For an detailed explanation for the categories please
check the first set of rankings.

Until Wrestlemania...these numbers don't lie.

Super Shane Spear
[slash] wrestling

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