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Two Years Ago, Alex Beckers saw a show that was all about debuts - Trish Stratus found a T beating Gangrel and an A beating Joey Abs (hmm, better interference by the Mean Street Posse and perhaps Joey would now be getting funky with Scotty.) Also, it would take the dramatic appearance of Bull Buchanan (foreshadowed by a phone call a half hour ago) for the Boss Man to beat Mideon. Scotty 2 Hotty might have debuted the second rope jumping DDT (but then he forgot about for a long time) to beat Essa. Val Venis' message before his match against Viscera might have be new, but it all blends together after a while.

One Year Ago, In an upset (and thanks to some help from Molly), Crash won the Light Heavyweight Title from Dean Malenko. Raven turned down RTC membership (off camera) beat Val Venis (Ivory but no Ninja) - that's the first time Raven and Steven Richards even tangentially interacted in the WWF. X-Pac explained why he formed X-Factor (he wanted to be the leader so he had to find people who'd actually follow him) and said "One Two Three Kid" for all the people playing along at home. Chris Benoit beat Haku in a match that did not lead to a match with the Taskmaster. At WWFNY, Kai En Tai were the special guests - Funaki danced, and they were stalked by a masked ninja who turned out to be the Brooklyn Brawler. (Oddly enough, this was also one of the highest rated WWFNY-era Heat shows .)

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Hey, it's the long version of the generic WM ad you've been seeing all month long. "It's a celebration of life!"


LIVE! SKYDOME! T DOT O! PEOPLE! Cole is awful subdued this week and not really yelling - he must be pacing himself.

Your hosts are Tazz and Michael Cole and they're dressed for the occasion - of course Tazz has a orange dress shirt and tie. We start of the hype with some for Jericho vs Triple H, than Undefeated Undertaker vs Flair, Hogan vs the Rock and Austin vs Hall in that order. Messed up camera cut there shows us Tazz and Cole when we're still supposed to be looking at the graphics.

nWo Poison -> Austin/Hall video package. (1:48

Still to come - a HUGE six man tag team match up.

You forget how long these commercial breaks are when you don't watch the show live.

Slim Jim Hardcore Title Change of Three Days Ago

Let's look at all the fans - and now inside and WOW look at all the people. Michael Cole is high (above the floor) to tell us that the Hardcore Title match is Maven vs...Goldust. Well, probably won't end up that way. What a year it's been for Maven! Let's watch Tough Enough 2 clips. I forget to time it last time and I don't feel like doing it now, but it's probably (2:10) and don't do drugs kids. I want to say "Anni looks older than her age" but last time I said that about a woman, I got an e-mail from her brother so let's pretend I didn't say that. Cole says he couldn't imagine the feeling of being cut - right. Tazz has never been cut. Maven wasn't cut, to segue back into that hype.

Lillian Garcia talks to WWF Hardcore Champion Maven which means doing it live is kinda pointless since I'll have to go back and transcribe this later. "Lillian, you are absolutely correct. I think about it, just one year ago, I was a school teacher, and now tonight, I'm going to be defending this, the hardcore title, on our biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. To say it's been an unbelivable year, that's an understatement." Maven looks around while Lillian asks about how he plans to deal with the 24/7 rule. "That's just part of the Hardcore Title. I mean, that rule has worked ot my advantage as well my disadvantage. I just have to keep my eyes open [looks around], my head on straight [more looking] and be prepared for anything." Maven carefully looks around as he backs out of the interview set. He's no dummy, except for that whole "ticking off the Undertaker" thing. 

Also tonight, Rob Van Dam vs William Regal for the IC Title. The Woman's Title is on the line in a Triple Threat - Lita vs Jazz vs Trish. Also, DDP vs Christian for the European Title. That's all you're gonna hear tonight about those three matches, let's take a break. 

Earlier Tonight, Drowning Pool reherased their performance - they drove all night to be here today.

It's a four way tag team title elimination match tonight - Dudleyz, Hardyz, APA and Chuck and Billy! I wonder if this one will feature a double elimination like most (all?) four way tag team matches at WM. Also, Ric Flair and the Undertaker - let's take a closer look at that. (3:06) Cole thinks the No DQ might backfire on Undertaker and Flair. Now, let's look down at all the fans already here - WM is just thirty minutes away!

It's been a busy week for the WWF superstars - here's Axxess clips - my favorite part is Booker being mad that he's not in the video game, then choosing Chris Benoit and kicking butt (3:20), and here's Triple H on Conan O'Brian. (1:12) Triple H has been trying to put a good face on a bad week, you see. One more look at the fans and another break.

Here's another luck - that's a pretty cool luck. Here are some ads.

Earlier today - Salvia arrived. Look at 'em walk.

Last week, the WWF was on the Weakest Link - let's have a look in case you were watching 9/11 instead. The only person who is shown missing a question is Edge on the Ocean 11s one, and Bubba on the final one. (1:08) That leads into hype of the Battle of Machines, and then some of Edge vs Booker T. AND Hogan vs Rock. Let's see how this started. (3:10) Your hosts are dying to see this match. 

Mr. Perfect, Lance Storm and this is a Test vs  a commercial break - the first team all comes out together. No carts, but they don't have to walk that much farther than usual. 

Mr. Perfect, Lance Storm and this is a Test vs Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert - Jim Ross and the King take over commentating duties - starting with a plug for the title sponsor of WM. Was Perfect's music playing the whole time or is it back on again? Storm's thrilled to be here - he's SMILING! Scotty and Albert wait, then wave on their partner. Good lord that's a lot of people. Your special ref is Miss Jackie. Albert goes for Test but Storm ambushes him from behind - corner whip, reversed, Albert charges into a boot, Lance charges out into a big press slam into a powerbomb, one two broke up by Test, Miss Jackie yells at him, while Albert tags to Scotty. Right, whip, reversed, Scotty gets a shot from Perfect, punches Perfect, and turns around into a Lance's jumping side kick. Lawler says that Miss Jackie must be the best looking WWF referee they've had at a WrestleMania - JR: "She sure isn't an Hebner." Tag to Test. Test runs Scotty into the corner then beast him down as Miss Jackie counts him in the corner and yells at him. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Tag to Storm. Hold for a kick, right, Scotty with a rights, Storm with a knee, slam. Up to the second rope and he's not hitting that elbow drop ever. Hot tag - Tag to Perfect, tag to Rikishi. Rikishi with rights, whip, Samoan Drop. Clothesline for Test. Clothesline for Storm. Thrust kick for Perfect. SUPERKICK for Rikishi! Two handed bulldog for Storm. W O R M who who who who woo woo woo ya. Storm rolls out and Test is in - BIG BOOT! BALDO BOMB! Good Ol' JR: "ALBERTBOMB!" Perfect takes Albert out of the ring, but Rikishi squashes him in the corner. Perfect collapses in the corner and Rikishi realizes it - there's your stink face, but Perfect's blocks it by putting his towel on his face. Perfect's towel gets wedged in Rikishi's crack, which Rikishi doesn't appreciate - thrust kick, to the second rope, Bonzai Drop! One two three. (3:03) Maybe it's all the people in the ring (or in the stadium) but it looked a little small. Hmm, the music stopped. You don't think - Scotty's starting the clap and there's a lot of people clapping with him. EVERYONE GET FUNKAY! Miss Jackie does her hoochie dance on the ropes and Rikishi gets up in it again. We cut away from that

Let's end with...a look back at the Jericho/Triple H feud. Interesting pick. This video package features NO DOGS. ()

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