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One Year Ago, it was WrestleMania X7 and there were lots of recaps. Also, Steve Blackman and Grandmaster Sexay threatened to dance in front of the Astrodome, but X-Factor interrupted them and X-Pac got the win in a tag match to put all the fans in a good mood.

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FIREWORKS! Watch the tech people race in to remove the firework shooters as soon as the lights come on, because we're going right to a match...

WWF Women's Champion Jazz (RAW & Smackdown and Earlier Tonight) vs Molly Holly (RAW) in a non-title match - Lillian Garcia (off screen) asks Molly how she feels about being separated from the Hurricane. "Well, I had a lot of fun with the Hurricane, but it's time to move on. I'm Molly Holly, and it might be selfish, but it's time I focus on my own career. So tonight, I'm gonna show the fans why I'm more than just a side kick, and show Jazz why I deserve to be the WWF Women's Champion." she's back to her old gear and style, too. Also, a new video (hey, the swimsuit shots they (she?) never show in the Divas bits!) and crappy music. Cole calls Tazz his sidekick and Tazz is very passive-aggressive about it. Oh, your hosts are Tazz (Rocket Busters jersey, no promotion given) and Cole (no promotion given.) Cole pronounces this the last Heat as we know it, but I feel fine. Yes, I have been waiting all week to do that joke, thanks for asking. Jazz attacks before the bell - push down, stomp, kick, chop, corner whip, Jazz charges in and gets dropped on the turnbuckle. Kick, kick, kick, whip, reversed into a kick, clothesline misses, Molly pulls her down by her hair. Cover - one two no they're grabbing each other and rolling out of the ring. Jazz' punch is blocked and she hits her own. Chop. Posted! Thrown in. Molly follows - off the announce ropes, cross body, walking around (Tazz being picked by Smackdown is brought up here - and as on Jakked, they act more like there were additional picks after RAW went off the air and NOT as if it was a random draw) and here's the front slam. Cover one two no. Neck vice? Sure. Elbow to the head. Stomp. Kick to the chest. Cole doesn't know where HE'S going - or even if he's going. Measured punches - blow on my hand and there's a "Mike Tyson like right." Cover one two kickout. Hanging vertical suplex. One two kickout. Kick to the stomach. Molly tries to battle back but gets a hard forearm to knock her down. Whip, Molly tries the crucifix but Jazz seems to adjust, so Molly goes down into a sunset flip one two NO. Jazz up and Molly gets taken down with a clothesline. Off the ropes, legdrop one two no. Stomp. "MOLLY" chant! Walking slam - hey, Cole actually remembers that Jazz put Molly out of action! I kinda forget about that too. Jazz going up to the second rope - push off splash gets knees! Inside cradle one two NO. Molly with a clothesline. Back elbow. Jazz grabs the top rope, and Molly grabs her legs - Fit bump. Jacknife bridge! One two NO! Chop, chop, whip, reversed, clothesline. This is a pretty good WWF woman's match. Whip, reversed, Molly goes for a dropkick but Jazz had the ropes. Mapleleaf! Oh, I guess she probably doesn't call it that - well, she changes it into a STF anyway. Molly taps. (4:08) Jazz takes her sweet time letting go - four count, and she does. 

Coming up, William Regal vs Tajiri for the European Title on the Line. And full draft results! 

WWF Draft Moment: Vince chooses the Rock. The Rock and Vince talk. Raw and Smackdown blend together for the Rock too.  

Scotty 2 Hotty (w/o Albert, Smackdown and ads) vs Lance Storm (Smackdown) - Hey, that's not Big Valbowski! I'm so confused. Circle. Lockup, waistlock by Storm, Scotty with a go behind, Storm with an armbar, Scotty flips out and reverses into a headlock. Smackdown scroll. Push into the near ropes, off the far ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ramp ropes, over, announce ropes, spinning headscissors. Clothesline out - no Lance moves at the last second and throws Scotty by, but Scotty grabs the top rope and pulls himself in. Lance is on the announce side of the ring, far away, so he's safe from a sneak attack but still kinda ticked. Charge, clothesline misses, Scotty with a kick to the midsection, snap mare (the way Scotty bent his legs, I thought he was gonna do a Stunner there for a second), off the ropes, dropkick to the head. One two NO. Corner pick, kick, kick, kick, kick, Scott charges into a back elbow. Scotty thrown hard into the corner. Whip, knee lift. Legdrop. Cover one two no. Front facelock - lifting up, hanging vertical suplex. Storm's is longer than Jazz's. Much longer. One two no. Neck vice. Or a strangely applied headlock. Scotty elbows out, but gets a knee - turnbuckle smash. Lance with rights, choke in the corner. Scotty battling back with rights, but Lance sneaks in a knee ("kick to the midsection"), corner whip, reversed, Scotty charges into Lance's boot. Diamond in the Rough : Brock Lesnar :: Charismatic Young Superstar : K-Kwik. Storm charges out into a powerslam, but Scotty can't cover. Both are down for one two three four five six seven eight Lance is up, but Scotty strikes first with a right. Battle of punches, Scotty wins, whip, back elbow. Clothesline. Whip, backdrop. Scotty gets that look, off the ropes, two handed bulldog is ducked, Storm with a kick, whip, head down too soon, kick, off the ropes two handed bulldog and Scotty gets the face. W O R M woo woo woo who who who ya. Storm rolls out, so Scotty with a baseball slide dropkick to the back. Storm thrown back in, Scotty on the apron, Storm with a shoulder to the midsection. Back suplex from the apron, but of course Scotty's landing on his feet - reverse roll up one two NO! Clothesline misses and Lance gets a single leg takedown - can he flip Scotty over? Trying, twisting, Scotty trips him and rolls him up one two NO! Storm up first - SUPERKICK! one two three. (5:35) That's why the call it a SUPERKICK. 

Coming up next, Edge vs Goldust.

Stacker 2 Brock Lesnar Attack of Monday

Goldust (um, they forgot to give him a graphic) vs Edge (Smackdown, Forceable Entry) - Cole reveals that Goldust was a Vince Lottery Pick, so there you go. Lockup, no eye rake from Goldust, right, right, right, right, Edge with rights back, whip, reversed, Goldust inverted atomic drop, clothesline is ducked, off the ropes and Edge this the flapjack. Right. Whip, over, under, stop short and Edge drops the first. Edge with a right, whip, backdrop. Raw scroll. Edge sets up, charges, and ends up going over the top. Goldust with a right. Thrown into the barrier. Stomps by Goldust. Thrown back in. Goldust going up? Flying clothesline connects, one two no. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Snap mare. Off the ropes, elbowsmash drop. One two no. Breathe, but Edge kicks him away. Right, right, off the ropes, into the butt bump. Cover one two no. Ripping at the face, letting go at four. Corner whip, corner whip again the other way and Edge goes down. Cover one two no. Whip, head down too soon so Edge brings it all the way down. Clothesline misses and Edge hits the reverse neckbreaker. Flying wheel kick! One two NO. Goldust with a right, Edge with a right and a whip and head down too soon - Goldust slides to his knees and hits the uppercut. That's Shattered Dreams Goldust is going for (I think - he's not on enough for me to remember or care) but Edge flips out into the Edge-O-Matic. Cover one two no. One day, that move will actually get a pin. Not today. Goldust with a jawbreaker and a follow up clothesline to take back control. Edge put on the top rope, right, right - superplex? YES. Goldust floats over one two NO! Right right right push in the corner, and now he's setting up for the Golden Globes. Right to the face, backing up for room, charging in no - the ref blocks his path at the last second, Cole says Edge pulled him in front (and storyline we're supposed to go for that and Edge did have a hand on his back but he was moving on his own, really) and Goldust throws him down. Edge with the kick to the groin - SPEAR! One two three! (5:30) Fair count after being thrown down, give him credit for that.

WWF Draft Moment: the Dudleyz are split. I didn't notice this the first time (I was too busy focusing on Kidman wearing the Hurricane T-Shirt and trying to spot people who have no reason for being there but are back now), but the APA and Team Extreme talk to each other right after the split - worried about their fate, I'd assume. 

Let's talk about that, then kick it to the TE2 clips. (2:02) Tazz makes fun of Danny. Next, Kane antics.

WWF Draft Moment - Undertaker gets picked by Ric Flair

Kane. This is the most hilarious thing Cole's seen (now - with the grammar too.) (2:08) Coming up next, Tajiri vs William Regal for the European Title.

Lugz Stephanie Leaving Forever of Monday

WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri (Smackdown) vs William Regal (RAW, w/Let's Go Back to Smackdown) for the European Title - The graphic people and the ring announcers can't decide on Tajiri's title - maybe Thursday? This is the LAST EVER match between RAW and Smackdown (for now.) Goodbye, APA. Circle. Lockup. Regal with an armbar. Tajiri reverses. Regal rolls out, Tajiri pulls him down. Regal flips up and reverses, Tajiri rolls through, and then spins Regal out. Advantage, Tajiri. Circle. Regal getting annoyed at the fans. Regal with a waistlock, single leg takedown, step on the arm so I can pull it up into an armbar, wristlock, Tajiri reveres to a headlock, "REGAL SUCKS!", off the ropes, over, no he's gonna stop and hop back, Regal stands up and gets kicked in the butt. Tajiri mocks him - hard kick to the midsection! Whip, reversed, headlock by Regal, pushed into the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under (barely), Tajiri goes down and covers up, only a hand sticking out to shake. Regal's confused, grabs the arm, and gets pulled down. Mat madness! Stomping. Corner kick, corner whip, reversed into a Regal knee, off the ropes, high knee. Wave. Legdrop to the back of the head. Cole believes that Flair really needs Austin on his roster to balance everything out. Chinlock but not grapevine - Tajiri gets the ropes, then gets stomped. Tajiri battling back with kicks, rights, but Regal with a leg trip and pushing him on his back - forearms to the back of the neck. Snap suplex. Cover one two no. European Uppercut. Right. Right. Corner whip, charge into a boot. Tajiri charges out to a forearm. Back suplex, no Tajiri lands on his feet, kick to the chest, corner whip, reversed, Tarantula. Spinning heel kick. Octopus! Inside cradle one two NO! Another spinning heel kick - this one more to the head. Cover one two no. Chop. Whip, reversed, handspring elbow! Thumb across the neck! Regal backs off - hard kick to the stomach. Corner whip, Tajiri charges in with a monkey flip, but Regal pushes him down. Butterfly powerbomb! One two three! (4:29) That's new.


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