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Two Years Ago, Eric Taylor

One Year Ago, I saw Dean and Crash take on Lo Down (again), with Lo Down winning this time. T&A won a squash, Saturn made Gangrel submit, and Essa getting a clean win over Just Joe was a sure sign he was in some sort of trouble.

I missed the show. Sorry. They finnaly got around to moving both Metal and Jakked away from Excess. They didn't get around to running a crawler or a commercial to let people know of the change, however. Things should be back to normal next week.

Courtesy of live RAW reports, I can give you these finishes (of the 250th edition of Jakked.)

  • Billy Gunn d. Tommy Dreamer via Fameasser
  • Scotty 2 Hotty d. Justin Credible by Off The Second Rope Flying DDT
  • Raven d. Crash by Raven Effect
  • Hardy Boyz d. Chuck Palumbo/Kanyon (Jeff Swanton Bomb Chuck, Kanyon walks out to avoid Matt Hardy)

I'd imagine that there was a lot of hype for Monday's Steve Austin/Kurt Angle match. Quite likely a long video package featured the set up to the match from this past week.

Er, that's it. Go read something else.

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