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WWF Jakked by The Cubs Fan




Two Years Ago, Marc Taylor (and Kirk Wagstaff on UK Metal) saw the Acolytes beat the Headbangers, and Albert and Boss Man winning squashes.

One Year Ago, RTC beat Kaientai (with some overdubbing before hand), and Crash (vs Loki), K-Kwik and Albert won squashes.

attitude TV 14 LDV

nWo: the End is Here


Billy and Chuck (w/new music and robes and Let's go back to Smackdown) vs Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert - Your announcers are Coach and Leary - Coach has questions about the song, Leary thinks Chuck can't dance (and he's right.) Presents exchange, APA beat. This is a preview of that big tag team turmoil match - APA! Hardy Boyz return! Will Lita be with them? Wait - why wouldn't she? I guess the whole thing at Rumble never happened now. Leary's heart is broken over the Steph/Triple H split. Albert and Billy to start. No, Albert's gonna dance. Now Gunn with a headlock, but he's picked up and thrown into the corner. Your ref is sometimes evil Nick Patrick. Gunn with his jabs. Corner whip out, no Albert's not going anywhere. Again, still no. Kicks and now we'll try - Albert goes, and turns around for a clothesline. Double leg takedown, it's time, once again, for the Big Spin. Albert has more trouble staying in one place than normal. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve! Billy goes to make a tag, but he's too dizzy and does a Billy flop. Billy rolls out (never actually tagging Chuck) and Chuck is in - immediately shoulder blocked down. Chuck goes out and talks to Gunn - noggin knocker by Albert. Albert throws Chuck in the ring - oh gross total wedge going on. Palumbo's showing a lot more cheek than anyone wants to see - Scotty's tagged in but disturbed. Slap to the but. Scotty with the better of the punches, whip, reversed, hiptoss blocked, hiptoss blocked, Scotty does the flip out (because he's a light heavyweight), ducks the clothesline and hits the reverse neckbreaker. Cover one two no. Chuck runs over to hug Billy's midsection for support. Scotty knocks Chuck's head in to Billy for some groin-tacular fun. Hey, Scotty's doing the Konnan "parts of me are way too big for these pants" dance! Armdrag for Billy, whip, reversed and Chuck gets a forearm in, Scotty hits him with a forearm, but Billy hits a clothesline. Chuck finnaly fixes his tights. Tag to Chuck, stomping. Turnbuckle smash. Punches, kicks. That sort of thing. Discus punch.  Scotty reaches for a tag but he's short. Cover, one two no. Running powerslam - Chuck's taking about five minutes to get running here - what do you know, Scotty slips out, ducks the clothesline, kick wham DDT (handstand sell.) Race to the tag. Tag to Billy, tag to Albert. Clothesline for everyone! Punches for everyone. Whip, powerslam for Billy, one two Albert moves out of the way of a Chuck elbow drop. Dancing punches for Albert. Corner splash for Billy. Scotty goes for the two handed bulldog, but a) Billy's at the wrong part of the wrong and b) Billy ducks and throws Scotty out. Albert doesn't like that - press slam for Billy, JUNGLE KICK and Billy falls on top one two three. (5:14) Legal people and all that. Leary's digging the music to the max - HEY that's not good sportsmanship for Albert to be hitting the scissors kick on Palumbo now! I guess he has to do that every appearance - as well as the W O R M for Billy. Leary makes the sounds too!

Jericho and Austin, later. Val Venis, coming up soon. But we had something happen on RAW.

Wedding junk. (5:12) Graphic.

Lance Storm is on the way. Undertaker and Rock will have a match at No Way Out. But next, Val vs Crash.

nWo: Finger poke.

Tough Enough 2, 2/28

Val Venis vs Interesting Things - Coach: "Certainly this week on Smackdown, he was very entertaining." Leary thinks he's talking about when Regal KOed him. I don't even listen this time. (3:07)

Val Venis vs Crash - Crash has words and finger pointing for Val - it doesn't turn out well. Lockup, Crash with elbows, Val off the ropes and big shoulderblock. Right, right, corner whip, reversed, Crash with a big clothesline. Kicks clothesline. Boot choke. Val with a clothesline out of the corner. Right. Right. Whip, back elbow. Elbow drop. Off the ropes, knee drop. Cover one two no. Slam no Crash falls behind, waistlock, Val to the ropes, Crash bounces back, Val turns around, kick wham DDT. Hey, Palumbo did the bigger oversell! I didn't think that's possible. Stomp. Stomp. Reverse neckbreaker. Cover one two no. Elbow to the head. Elbow to the head. Cover one two no. Coach compares/contrasts Maven and Leary's success so far in the WWF and their divergent paths, hmm. Val with elbows, rights, off the ropes, Crash jumps on his back and puts on a sleeper. Val backs into corner to break it up, but Crash holds on - there's Val's Blue Thunder Bomb (back suplex into a powerbomb.) One two no. VAL gets the better of the punches, whip, here's the whip, hold on to the arm while I give you a knee lift, repeat sequence. Russian legsweep. Money shot? No, more punches, whip is reversed to a Crash kick to the midsection, he's off the near ropes, drop toe hold, here's the knee snap and the reverse figure four. (3:18) I think we were short one fisherman's suplex from all his old and new clichés.

Boss Man, later on.

Jericho vs Stone Cold (2:14)

Lance Storm vs the evil Funaki, later, but next, the Rock vs Undertaker.

WWF history - nWo interrupted. I like all these manufactured pictures of people being shocked about the nWo when none of them seemed to have cared. (1:50


Oh wow, we're going all the way back to the Beginning. Oh, not that Beginning. Rock/Taker (2:45)

Lance Storm vs (sho) Funaki - Circle. Lockup. Funaki pushes Christian into the corner (!) but Storm uses an eye poke. Charge out, and right into an armdrag. Armdrag. Storm's clothesline misses, drop toe hold, dropkick to the head. Funaki celebrates. Storm briefly out, back in, blocks the punch, forearm, forearm, whip, reversed into a Funaki waistlock, Storm go-behind, Funaki elbows free, off the far ropes, Storm tries for a clothesline but Funaki ducks under and hits a Russian legsweep. Kicks in the corner, right, corner whip, charge in, Storm kips up, and Funaki backs right into a jumping side kick. Hard turnbuckle smash. Chop. Chop. Whip, Storm with a clothesline, one two no. Chin lock. Funaki battles up, elbows out, knee lift by Storm stops him, whip, tilt-a-whirl but Funaki lands on his feet, double clothesline and everyone's down. Storm's clothesline misses, Funaki with a right, right, right, whip, head down too soon, Funaki corner whip and hits the bulldog on the rebound, one two no. Storm with a jawbreaker, then he picks up Funaki but Funaki goes for a victory roll (not that beautiful but it works) one two NO! Funaki charges but gets kicked. Hard corner whip, Storm charges into an elbow, Funaki charge out into a powerslam. One two no. Storm argues the count, then is kicked away by Funaki. Corner whip, reversed, and picked up by Storm, forward roll slam, and there's the Mapleleaf. Tap right away. (3:21

M&M Shocking Special Referee Announcement of Last Thursday

Boss Man (w/nightstick) vs Perry Saturn - I guess Boss Man lost his normal pants because he's got dress khakis on. Saturn may have more tattoos. Lockup, no Boss man with a knee. right. Saturn with rights. Saturn with a whip, jumping clothesline, elbow drop one two no. Boss Man with punches. Choke, rights, whip, big boot. One two no. Saturn with rights, double chops, and other such stuff. Corner whip, and into a back elbow. Saturn battles back with kicks. Corner whip, Eliminator leg sweep, springboard dropkick. Boss Man with punches, whip, slam but Saturn goes behind, whip, reversed right into the Boss Man slam one two three. (1:58) Wow Saturn's going nowhere.

No Way Out Hype. Heat is LIVE. Blah blah blah see you next week (maybe.)

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