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Twp Years Ago, on UK Metal Kirk Wagstaff saw Essa Rios beat Billy Fives, Stevie Richards win a squash, Head Cheese defeat the Headbangers and D'Lo pin Joey Abs.

One Year Ago on Metal CRZ recapped Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn beating Lo-Ki and Alex Arion, Haku win a squash over no one you (probably) care about, K-Kwik defeat Johnny Swinger and Too Cheese being victorious over Kaientai.

tv 14 ldv attitude open 

ddp vs Hardcore Holly (green) - Your hosts this week are Marc Loyd and, wait, Chris Leary sounds a lot like Al Snow this week. Loyd's still doing Metal too, so this is probably less of a "announcers are supposed to be split, even on the B-Shows" thing and more of a "hey, Al's good - also, he can get the secret guest announcer bonus." Or maybe something totally different, who knows. Al (stiffly): "DDP, the Tony Robbins of the WWF." In the desk shot, Al and Marc take turns saying "nothing compares to Backlash." There's the bell, there's DDP mugging to get a chant. Holly glares at the crowd. Lockup, fireman's carry by Holly, who laughs off DDP. Lockup, back heel trip by DDP. Holly up and unhappy (duh), DDP talks trash, lockup, headlock by DDP, hammerlock by Holly, DDP back elbow, off the announce ropes, shoulderblock, off far the ropes, over, near, Holly tries for a hiptoss and DDP blocks and hits a clothesline. Swinging neckbreaker. One two no. DDP off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the near ropes, over, far, Best Dropkick In The Business. Holly rightly celebrates. Stomps. Forearm. Forearm. Stomp. DDP with a right, right, eye rake by Holly. DDP with back elbows to escape but more forearms him way. Choke on the ropes - ah, there's the Super Low Blow kick. Holly smiles. Holly pushes him in the corner, chop, chop, right, chop, right, stomp, stomp, stomp, words for Jimmy Korderas. DDP takes advantage and now he's chopping and punching Holly in the corner. Corner whip, charge into Holly's boot. Charge out and there's a clothesline by Bob. Suplex. One two no. Holly to the apron, and now going up, not in any particular hurry and DDP lunges to the ropes to crotch him. DDP with a right, going to the second rope, one foot on the top rope - superplex. DDP's too hurt to cover. Loyd and Snow are still feeling each other out. Both up. Holly misses a punch and DDP with a right, right, right, Chicken Dance Discus Clothesline one two no. Short knee by DDP, and there's the rotation Liger bomb one two no. Clothesline takes both out. Rights by Holly and he wants to get in but DDP holds him back. The fact that Korderas is watching this from the ring and counting is probably a sign. They're battling with punches and DDP runs Bob into the stairs back first and there stairs don't give. There's the bell (DCO 5:18) but Holly is pretty much beating the heck out of DDP here - DDP gets back to even when the refs break it up. DDP breaks free and lunges at Holly, but doesn't get much. Al: "Let him [DDP] back in there - that way, Hardcore Holly can hit him two or three or four more times!" 

Still to come, something I'll fast forward through, something I'll fast forward through but next, something I'll fast forward through.

Drowning Pool - "The Game" (:24)

Hogan/HHH/Angle/Jericho (7:28)

Coming up, highlights of Tough Enough 2, but next, Billy Kidman defends the Cruiserweight Title for the first time against Chavo Guerrero.

Scorpion King hype (:47)

Backlash hype. And Forcable Entry CD - Loyd's a big fan of the Marilyn Manson

Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Tough Enough 2 T-shirt) vs Billy Kidman for the WWF Cruiserweight Championship - You know what was funny? Listening to Cole talk about how demeaning Tajiri was to Torrie, and then seeing how he (and everyone else) acted towards Stacy. Circle. Lockup, waistlock by Chavo, Kidman with a go-behind, Chavo with a hard back elbow, off the near ropes, Kidman goes for a hiptoss but it's blocked (I guess) so he holds on, hits a knee lift, and then does the Flip Out Escape Of A Blocked Hiptoss (because it's a cruiserweight match), ducks the clothesline, off the announce ropes, spinning headscissors. Chavo ends up in the corner, Kidman charges and gets flipped to the apron, Chavo with a right but it's blocked, Kidman's not and then he hits slingshot headscissors. Chavo in the opposite corner now, Kidman walks in and gets a kick and a turnbuckle smash. Right misses and Kidman hits one. Whip to the announce ropes, reversed, Chavo puts his head down too soon so Kidman with a sunset flip, Chavo rolls through and grabs the legs - catapult to the floor! Chavo is happy with himself. Chavo with a baseball slide dropkick, followed by a nice pescado  Chavo celebrates, throws Kidman in and pins one two no. Replay of the pescado. Right. European uppercut. Cover one two no. Chavo puts on a nice chinlock armlock combination for a break. Switch to a chinlock. Kidman battling out with back elbows, off the near ropes, timing off on the 'rana (though Al disagrees with me). Kidman walks charges over to Chavo and gets kicked in the gut - Gory Special into a drop on the ropes! Kidman thrown in, Chavo going up - flying cross body gets dropkicked. Battling with ounces buy Kidman has the best off it - whip to the near ropes and Kidman backdrop. Corner whip, rebound clothesline is ducked and Chavo hits a DDT. Cover one two NO. Your ref is Brian Hebner, I guess I should point that out, as Chavo sets for the Tornado DDT - Kidman escapes, back elbow, and there's a face first reverse crucifix powerbomb (which looks a lot better than then back first Iconclasm) which you're free to think of as a second rope flapjack because the bump is pretty similar. One two no. Kidman with a slam but Chavo goes behind - German Suplex one two NO. Chavo yells, then picks up Kidman -back suplex, Kidman flips out and hits the Short Powerbomb no cover. Al keeps bringing up Marc's amount of ring experience and his bio (which turns out to just be his interview on there.) He's setting up Chavo in place - going up but he's crotched by Chavo. Chavo sets up for the brainbuster, but Kidman with a kick, spinning into a Slop Drop one two three. (5:22) Kidman meets Tajiri for the Cruiserweight title next week at Backlash, but for now, Chavo's gonna kick him in the gut and give him a brainbuster! Al defends Chavo's actions, while Chavo raises his own hand.

Christian later, but next Stacy.

Greyhound Job Invention Of Two Weeks Ago

And then a long long skit on Smackdown. (3:16)

Christian vs Hugh Morrus later on, but next, this week on Tough Enough.

Tough Enough 2 - we skip Pete's drinking in the black and white problem section. (2:51) We go to break and don't get to hear Al's reaction to the clips, sadly.

Castrol GTX Edge and Angle fun of Two Weeks Ago

CHRISTIAN (already heading to the ring) vs Hugh Morrus - Circle. The fans annoy Christian. Hugh cheers them on goofily. Lockup, push in the ropes, clean break no Christian with an eye poke. Christian out to stall. Al likes calling him "Marky Marc" Christian back in - lockup, Hugh puts Christian in the corner, break, but Hugh messes up his hair. Shove for Hugh (Hugh doesn't move), shove for Christian (down goes Christian.) Christian charges, hiptossed. Shoulderblock. Whip, head down too soon so it's kicked. Christen charges, press slam but he falls behind to hit the Slop Drop backbreaker. Rights. Choke. Right. Right. Right. Right. Boot to the back of the head. Marc talks about Christian having to adjust from being tag teaming with Edge, huh. Christian with the two hand raise. Hugh with rights, Christian with a right to knock him down. Choke on the ropes. Punches and Hugh gets the better till Hugh hits a knee. Snap mare. Chinlock. Chinlock with knee in the back. This is the best Christian/Hugh match ever, but only because it's probably the first one ever. Hugh battles up to this feet, elbows, out, off the ropes, into a knee. Christian with a cover one two no. Loud Christian Sucks chant. Corner whip, reversed, Hugh charges into a back elbow. Christian goes up - and gets bealed to the mat. Punches and Hugh wins again. Back suplex but Christian kinda lands on his feet- turning for the Unprettier but he gets pushed off into the corner - corner splash, flapjack. One two no. Marc calls Christian "Edge" and Al calls him on it. Dueling eye rakes, Christian gets the better of it and goes for the Slop Drop back breaker but Hugh fights out of it, pushes Christian away and hits a powerslam when Christina charges. Marc says Hugh is bleeding. Over the shoulder grab, going run to the corner for Snake Eyes but Christian slips behind, sleeper reverse DDT. Cover one two NO. Christian cant' believe it and argues with Tim White - uh oh, he's gonna snap. There's the tantrum - and Hugh hits No Laughing Matter. One Two Three (5:57) It was better the first time when you didn't see it coming.

Watch Smackdown. That's it!

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