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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




One Year ago on Heat, the MTV show I saw got was a Live From The Rumble Preview featuring E&C, RTC and Angle interviews, as well as Lo Down beating Kaientai for a spot in the Rumble (that they didn't get) and Vince McMahon refusing to reveal the identities of the three mystery entries.  The UK version Gav Duenas watched had Tazz losing to K-Kwik, Lo Down beat Kaientai (in a different match), Scotty 2 Hotty beat Crash with the Worm, then Too Cool danced with Molly and Crash and Billy Gunn pinned Albert.

attitude TV 14DLV

Rumble video package. (:27)


Your announcers are Tough Enough 2 Lead Trainer Al Snow and Michael Cole - Tazz is apparently getting ready for his tag title match. But let's talk about the Rumble itself and the title match and the street fight and here's a video package. (3:13) Cole and Snow discuss the ramifications of it being a Street Fight. Al implies that it's at least even because it's a street fight. 

Earlier Tonight at WWFNY, Shawn Michaels arrived. You'll hear from him during the Rumble tonight.

Royal Rumble Return: Val Venis.

Al talks about being in the Rumble too - he'll let us know what number he got later on. Moving on, let's talk about the tag team titles. Smackdown clips. (:51)

Earlier Tonight, Lillian Garcia's Done Something Awful To Her Hair talks to Spike and Tazz as they enter - well, she tries to talk to Spike but he says nothing and Tazz moves the microphone towards him. Tazz promises to take someone with them, even if they go down tonight. Also, they're retaining. Spike and Tazz exchange some scripted dialogue. Look at the graphic again!

Royal Rumble Return: Goldust. 

I hope for Al to remember his history there but he doesn't. Moving on, here's Edge and Regal - Snow gives Regal props for his magic skills. Also, Jazz vs Trish Stratus. Back to Smackdown and the broken hand. Slow motion replay too. (:30) Snow says that Miss Jackie has a referee license and will be using it for this match.

Coach talks to Trish in the trainers office - she's been told she shouldn't compete, but she wants to defend her title, fight Jazz face to face. She can shake it, but she can also kick some of it.

Slim Jim Rikishi thrown out of the ring of Smackdown.

Royal Rumble graphic, while the rules are explain for the slow. Still only 23 people (top, left and on down) - Mr. Perfect, the Hurricane, Val Venis, Test, Faarooq, RVD, DDP, Bradshaw, Booker T, Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, Albert, Rikishi, Goldust, Christian, Scotty 2 Hotty, Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chuck, Billy, Godfather. Saturn, Boss Man and Lance Storm were already in but not included, and now we know Al Snow is in, so that leaves 3 slots. Al got number 6 - but "[he's] a machine, [he] can last all night." Rumble package (2:26) Al thinks he's going to win.

Lillian Garcia talks to Maven - what does he think his chance are tonight? Maven is Happy To Be Here. One year ago, he was a fifth grade teacher, and now he's in the Rumble. He's gonna try, and who knows, maybe his dream will come through. They shake hands! He has no chance.

That's 28. Will we get the other two before the show? Maybe another play in?

Royal Rumble Replay - Kane eliminates a lot of people and lasts along time.

Final Fantasy X Smackdown finish of last Thursday.

It's the Rumble. It's a Match. Al promises to throw Maven out if it comes to that. If you're STILL a moron, let's watch the Rumble preview from Smackdown. The best part is that after people coming down and coming down, Cole is sure that no one will come out after Kane. (5:22) Al: "I hate to be redundant" doesn't stop you from doing it again

Ric Flair (and Meaghan and Reid) arrive. Reid is much taller than when we last saw him and has a camera. Coach is ignored.

Royal Rumble Return: Mr. Perfect. I think I missed the Godfather somewhere up there.

Kurt Angle comes out to say we have no match tonight on Heat. He builds up his chances, gets annoyed by the fans, leaves. Lawler comes into the ring and tells everyone that Angle is his pick, just so you know he has no chance. (9:38)

Rock/Y2J video package. (2:12)

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