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WWF Sunday Night Heat by The Cubs Fan




Two Years Ago, Alex Beckers saw D'Lo and Godfather beat the Dudleyz by DQ (the Dudleyz post match attempt to powerbomb a ho through a table is stopped by Godfather and Ivory), Jackie keeps the Women's title over Ivory (the Dudleyz post match attempt to powerbomb Jackie through a table is stopped by the Hardy Boyz), Essa Rios beats Funaki (no Dudley Boyz), Head Cheese beats the Headbangers (still no Dudleyz) and Chris Jericho retains the IC title over Jeff Hardy thanks to the Dudley Boyz.

One Year Ago, Haku beat Hardcore Holly, Eddie Guerrero frog splashed K-Kwik, Kurt Angle promises to shut up the Rock, and Undertaker beat Christian by DQ - Edge hit the chair shot and the brothers took off before the other (half-)brothers could take advantage of them. Guest hosts Terri and Perry annoyed everyone and were kicked out of the restaurant. 

HEY MTV and WWF, would've killed you to advertise this Tough Enough special ahead of time? I guess it ran two times this week and not again till...2/28, the premier date. Oh well.

attitude TV 14DLV

nWo: The End Is Here.


HELLO WISCONSIN - we're live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, sold out for months or something. Your hosts are, ugh, Cole and Coach. Three huge main events. Jericho/Stone Cold. Triple H/Angle. Rock/Undertaker.

Rock/Undertaker feud. (2:45)

Rock is tragically hurt, but he'll wrestle anyway. Respect and all that jazz. Mr. Perfect will be at WWFNY. Too bad for him. Order the PPV or something. Coming up later, a European Title Match.

nWo: Road Wild

Also tonight, Brass Knuckles on a Pole. Graphic. Coach is rooting for Edge. Let's go back to three days ago, where Coach got beat up. YAY. 

Lillian Garcia talks to William Regal. "My reaction? You want my reaction to such a barbaric act? I think it's bloody appalling! I mean, I always considered my power of the punch a blessing, but maybe it's a curse! I'm absolutely flabbergasted that Ric Flair would sanction such a match where brass knuckles are legal so Edge would have the advantage over my powerful left hook. I can't even imagine what kinda of damage a weapon like that would do, having never used one myself. Then again, don't forget who I am, and where I'm from. We English were thinking of ways to torture people long before this miserable excuse of a country was even founded, and I'm sure I could find it my heart to use those brass knuckles, if need be. Now, young Edge, he's felt the power of the punch on a number of occasions, and he keeps coming back for more. It's almost admirable! But if he thinks for one second that he's going to use that grizzly tool of destruction on me, he's got another thing coming. I will march in to battle tonight InterContinetial champion, and I will leave with my head held high, secure that I've got another victory through the power of the punch."

I don't feel like (doing anything) mention all the Tough Enough 2 ads.

X-Box RVD attack on Goldust of Thursday.

Steve Austin on MADTv. I bet cfgb not only already saw this on Excess, but he recapped it too. So I don't have to, right? OH MY LORD THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME. Stone Cold Tony Little looks like Michael Hayes. (3:08) Austin's ALL BUSINESS tonight. Moving on, let's talk about Goldust and RVD. Hey, let's talk TO RVD.

Lillian Garcia talk to Rob Van Dam: "Well, I can't blame Goldust, or anyone else for that mater, for being obsessed with me. After all, look, I am ROB VAN DAM. I understand that Goldust likes to wear wigs and makeup like those cross dressers that walk down Hollywood Boulevard, but you know what, I got no problem with that. In fact, if anyone could relate to individuality, it's R V D. Now when that wig-wearing cross-dressing freak wants to jump me from behind, then I got a problem. A big problem! I'm gonna do something about it. A lot of people take Goldust lightly. I'm not gonna make that mistake. See Goldust thinks that I'm never gonna forget the name of [inhales] (dude, what's he inhaling anyway) [back to inhaling and rubbing self up] Goldust. Now after tonight, Goldust is going to be like everyone else that tried to beat me - a loser. He will never forget the name of everyone's favorite superstar [inhale] (dig the inhale?) ROB VAN DAM" Lillian has such a crush on RVD.

nWo: Finger Poke.

Slim Jim "upset" win of Thursday.

Test and Booker T have a conversation - Booker was just fooling around Thursday night, but he's all serious tonight.

That match is, shockingly, TONIGHT. Look at that graphic. There's 12 people. The Hardyz (who have been gone "months") may or may not have Lita with them, apparently. 

Crowd shot, where one guy goes far far out of his way to get his middle finger some camera shot, causing the camera guy to have a heart attack of some sort.

nWo Spray Painting - they were so distracted by the middle finger incident that they forget to cue the music for a couple seconds.

Host of America's Most Wanted, Josh Walsh showed up at Smackdown (the part we didn't see) and some kid got to meet Kane. Are they in danger of being cancelled again?

Triple H/Kurt Angle. (5:12

The ROCK is in the building!

WWF history - nWo interrupted. I like all these manufactured pictures of people being shocked about the nWo when none of them seemed to have cared. (1:50)

i hate ddp vs i'm not a big fan of the boss man either (w/the nightstick, which I have no particular feelings about) for the European Title - ha ha I don't think so. Your ring announcers are Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross and they're the only ones here who might be calling this match. Oh wait, DDP has something to say. "It's me - D - D - P. You know Boss Man, I couldn't help notice you not [pause to smile] when you were entering the ring. But then it hit me why - because people are always chanting, Boss Man sucks." Boss Man throws a tantrum. "But that's not a bad thing - at least they know your name. It's way better a somebody who sucks, then a nobody who does. Imagine your embarrassment if you came out here and people said 'I don't know who you are, but you suck'. And that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing." Boss Man (rightly) tries to slugs DDP for being an idiot, it misses but DDP beats beat up for a while. Then DDP beats him up. Why does DDP have a black eye? You know, I did more than you could have ever wanted for this match. Announcers say "Tony Robbins." Oh wow a baseball slide (no real slide) dropkick. There's a comically oversold low blow so they can do the next spot from it. Choke. There's no possible way Triple H can win his match tonight, apparently. Punches and stuff are going on. Oh wow a bearhug. There's not better than two men grabbing each other tightly in the middle of a ring - why don't Billy and Chuck use this. No one's mentioning the black eye, so I guess it's not an angle. DDP has a wide array of exciting punches. Oh wow a sleeper. And a jawbreaker. Why didn't he just use the Diamond Cutter there? Because that's not the finish, that's why. Nick Patrick is noticeably not evil here. Now Boss Man threw him down because of a two count. That's a DQ. (3:20) Now Boss Man's got some rope to be choking DDP. I would think DDP might be dead now. YAY DDP IS DEAD! This is the best Heat ever. I'm a big fan of the Boss Man. Now Boss Man is holding up the title like he won. JR: "How can Boss Man be so stupid to think he's won the European Title?" Boss Man tries for the belt shot but that never works with that title. DDP knocks Boss Man through the ropes - I guess we get no Diamond Cutter. DDP celebrates being knocked out, and tries to leave through the crowd, but Boss Man decides he'd like to beat him with the nightstick now. Boss Man celebrates and DDP is kinda fine and not really selling it but whiny looking.  

JR and King hype up Jericho/Austin some more and that'd be it. (2:14)

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