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Two Years Ago, Alex Beckers saw Too Cool beat Kaientai, and then everyone danced, Lo Down beat Mean Street Posse, Dean Malenko puts an open challenge for his LH Title and beats Jackie, Saturn beats Gangrel after Just Joe tells Saturn gossip, and T&A&T beat Team Extreme in elevation match. UK Heat (as reported by Gav Duenas) also got a special look at "It Doesn't Matter" by Wyclef (f. the Rock)

One Year Ago, Justin Credible faced K-Kwik - Kwik did his stupid flips and Justin killed him dead with a SUPERKICK, Test gets DQed when trying to hit Hardcore with a ring bell (in a match where Holly might have been trying to send a message to the possible WCW defector if only the announcers knew that was the story), Rhyno beats Raven in a rematch from Backlash (the name "Buff Bagwell" is dropped for the first time during this match - also Mark Jindark but that's just because Tazz forget who Sean O'Haire was teaming with) In WWFNY, the APA talked about how much WCW sucks, how they don't want WCW to piggy back off their success and how WCW isn't in their league - until WCW Tag Team Champions O'Haire and Palumbo showed up and punked them out with their belts.

TV PG LV entertainment Last Monday things led to Eddie going through a table (1:05) Highlight package longer than the match, check.

Earlier Tonight: Eddie arrived (what? someone arriving early?) and ran into Spike, who's also carting in his luggage. "What are you trying to do man?" "What are you talking about?" "What, are you playing confused or something? Because last week, your brother Bubba, he jumped at KOTR man, from behind, maybe, uh, maybe, I think those were your intentions esse?" "No, I think you got it wrong man, I'm just going to the locker room, coming to the work." "[Spanish] - you know, that means don't be stupid, esse, I know those were your intentions." "You think I was coming here to jump you? "No, I don't think esse, I know! See, I know you Dudleyz, esse, you're nothing but half breeds, you're nothing but Dudley trash. You're not pure, like the Guerreros, man. In other words, I'm just saying, Spike, that if you had thought about jumping about me from behind, why don't you meet me eye to eye, esse?" "You want to get in the ring?" "Esse, do I want to get in the ring? I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I'M SAYING! I AM TELLING YOU...if you're feeling froggy, all you got to do is jump, homes." "Well you know what, bro, - I'm a Dudley, and I ain't, never backed down before [loud cheer] - you want see me in the ring, I'll see you out there." And SCENE.

open fireworks people in the crowd your announcers are still Coach and D'Lo

Eddie Guerrero vs Spike Dudley - You'd think this might be the main event. You'd think wrong. The story is that Eddie's suddenly become very paranoid - I wonder if he's gonna start listening to his watch for advice. RUTHLESS AGGRESSION talk. I think Coach made an Austin reference there. Circle, lockup, headlock, takedown, leg scissors reversal, clean break. EDDIE SUCKS. Lockup - no eye gouge, right, right, forearm, European Uppercut. Whip, reversed, backdrop. SPIKE HAS HEART. Dropkick misses - maybe Eddie pushed that one away. Right, Turnbuckle smash, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, elbow to the top of the head, elbow to the top of the head, stomp, stomp, stomp, choke on the bottom rope in the corner. Elbow to the head. Turnbuckle smash. Later, a debut of a guy who's last name will be misspelled for quite some time. Corner whip, reversed, Spike charges in and monkey flips Eddie out. D'Lo dares to call Tommy/Raven "a loser leaves town" match. Spike gets clotheslined. Back suplex. One two no. Chinlock. Weak Eddie Sucks. Turnbuckle smash. "What an unbelievable finish we had on Monday Night" - well, yea, a company so much needing to rebuild it's own credibility not giving a finish to a main event, that's kinda unbelievable. Corner whip, Eddie charges in but Spike is out with the head to the midsection first. Spike misses a clothesline and now they're exchanging rights  - some how Spike gets the best, but there's an eye rake. Elbow, right, right, corner whip, charge in, Spike kips up, Eddie slides to a stop and turns around, but eats clothesline. Forearm (I guess), dropkick one two no. Dudley Dog - no Eddie stops it before it gets started, turn it around into a suplex, Spike falls behind and hits a reverse neckbreaker. One two no. Dudley Dog - no huge side breaker! POWERBOMB. He's feeling froggy. FROG SPLASH. One two three. (4:20) Eddie is happy with his performance. Replay of the frog splash. 

D'Lo and Coach talk vaguely about what happened on RAW and KOTR. Still to come, Raven vs Matt Hardy.

Sean O'Haire vs Justin Credible - hey, someone's grown out their hair in Ohio Valley! Just as Coach is saying "making his debut on Heat", I'm checking and noticing that the last time he was on was 08/26/01, teaming with Palumbo against the Hollys, when he had to pull the tights to beat Crash. I think it's preferred that we forget the Invasion happened, though. Lockup, O'Haire over powers and pushes him in the corner - clean break, so Justin eye rakes, right, forearm, kick, right, whip, reversed, no Justin's gonna pull out of the ring and point to his head. O'Haire out to follow - right, throwing him in. Whip, press slam. Justin wants a handshake - and gets a kick. It takes 5 seconds for them to pull off a snap mare (calling the spots ahead while in it?), spine kick, second rope neck snap one two no. Armbar. Justin is very loud this week. Wristlock. Justin pulls the hair to push in the corner for the break. There's the break - and there's the SUPERKICK! Aw crap O'Haire fell out of the ring, there goes that chance. Justin goes out - apron smash. Replay of the SUPERKICK because it was very SUPER. Back in, Justin covers him one two big kickout. Choke, and warned. Boot choke, and break. Right and pushed away. Knee lift. Whip, back elbow, cover one two no. Chop. Right. Right. Right blocked and he's pushed away. Clothesline misses and O'Haire hits a right, right. Whip, clothesline is too high but he turns around and this another one anyway. Thrust kick is NOT super. He's fired up. Fireman's carry, spinning into a spinebuster, I guess. Announcers are far more impressed than I am. One two three. (3:39)

Terri talks to Johnny "The Bull" (last name spelling not given) - I did one transcription already! Johnny the Bull never made it into the Invasion. Anyway, he's facing Dreamer and says "wild" and "crazy" many times describing Dreamer. He doesn't like Dreamer. He likes Terri, but not Dreamer. "All he has to do is Respect the Bull." Ahh, here's a graphic - Tommy Dreamer vs Johnny (no nick name here) Stamboli.

Coming up, Undertaker and Jeff Hardy highlights.

This DVD ad makes me wonder what exactly did Triple H sacrifice by coming back - he had little to lose (time?) and apparently a lot to gain. 

Jeff and Undertaker. (3:53) And that match is Monday. And still to come Matt vs Raven, but next Tommy vs Johnny.

Eight Legged Freaks Raven Leaves RAW of Monday

Johnny Stamboli (w/ads) vs Tommy Dreamer - In case you're unclear about the concept, Johnny's video is an ITALIAN FLAG. His music will be changed within the month. Well, not this month, because it's over in a few hours. We're supposed to hate the music. Dreamer's shirt is on backwards because he's CRAZY. Your referee is Miss Jackie because, well, I dunno. Circle. Johnny's hair is cut shorter - you couldn't tell before in the interview because he was still wearing that hat. He's got black short tights with "J T B" on it.  Lockup, Johnny with a knee, knee, slam. Stomp, stomp, right. Whip, reversed, D'Lo and Coach are acting silly here, Tommy back elbow. Hiptoss. Clothesline out. Here's the beer spit. "He did that last week on Heat!" Coach forgot that was the International version. Tommy drinks the leftover from the cup. Johnny can see and he's swinging wildly - Russian legsweep. The rest is spit in the air, and he hands the glass to Jackie, who puts it down. Off the ropes, flapjack on the ropes. Stomp. Jumping stomp. Stomp stomp stomp. Elbow to the head, choke in the corner, Jackie pushes him out. Johnny slowly back in, gets turned around by Dreamer, right right. Corner whip, reversed into a short clothesline one two no. Knee choke. Right. Slam. Legdrop. One two no. Finger point in the air and spin around. Oh no, it's the springboard to the top rope move - he grabs the ropes to steady himself, then Dreamer gets up and shakes the ropes and Johnny takes forever to get crotched (must be expecting the ropes to shake this much), but ends up bouncing off RVD split-legged moonsault like and kicking Dreamer in the head on the way down. I don't know what was actually supposed to happen this. Right right, whip, clothesline. Whip, backdrop (almost didn't get over), right, into spinebuster one two no. Whip, reversed, head down too soon so it's DDT-ed one two no. Dreamer picks him up and calls for the DVD - well, that's a blatant low blow uppercut and this is over. (DQ 4:07) Johnny with a stomp, stomp, stomp, Jackie's telling him to stop but he doesn't care. Now setting up for a low blow stomp, but Miss Jackie's off the ropes and nailing him with a clothesline. Well that didn't work out at all.

Coming up, Matt vs Raven, but next, RVD vs Brock highlights.

Twix KOTR Ceremony Broken Up Of Monday

RVD/Brock stuff. And special footage of RVD being helped to the back. Wow, thanks for that. (5:36) Matt vs Raven next!


Raven (w/Vengeance ad) vs Matt Hardy (w/last Monday) - Why are they waiting so late to put PPVs on sale? Circle - no, Matt's not moving. They're just standing and staring. And now talking. And now both back off - no Raven's trying a punch, Matt ducks and right right discus right. Calling Raven on but Raven's gonna back up into the corner. Now he's pulling himself up, but hesitant to lockup - ah, kick, right, turnbuckle smash is blocked, elbow and Matt hits a turnbuckle smash, turnbuckle smash, Raven elbows to stop. Whip, reversed, kick is caught, Matt spins him around, Raven tries a clothesline, it's ducked, Matt tries the Side Effect, it's elbowed out of. Whip, head down too soon so it's kicked. Matt charges to follow up and takes drop toe hold out of the ring. Stomp, stomp, thrown in. Raven goes in, time for the knee driver. One two kickout. Whip but holding for the knee to the midsection, whip holding for the knee to the midsection. Hey, he stole that from VAL. Mr. Wrestling #2 Kneelift - now even Coach is calling it. You thought I was making it up! One two no. Piledriver? Ahaha no - Matt gets out and hits a Russian legsweep. Raven is actually the first one up, but gets pushed away. Exchange of punches. Whip, reversed, running reverse-bulldog type clothesline. Right. Yell. Whip, back elbow, fistdrop. One two no. Corner whip, reversed, rebound clothesline NO Matt ducks and hits a reverse neckbreaker. Coach says Matt's been spending time in the gym. 2nd Rope Leg Drop. One two no. Calling Raven up - Kick, yell, Twist - no, shoved off, into the ropes, kick, yell, Raven E-no, Matt reverses out into the Side Effect! One two NO. Matt picks him up but gets eye poked. Raven retreats in the corner, Matt charges, Raven dodges and Matt goes shoulder first into the post. Shot for the shoulder, picking Matt up and putting him on the top. Face yank. Shots for the injured left shoulder. Back superplex? No, Matt back elbows Raven off the ropes. Matt going all the way up - moonsault but no one's home! Everyone notices it's Lita's move. Raven pulls both of the legs, and gets his feet up on the second turnbuckle one two three! (4:26) Raven is quite awesome. Will Jeff fair better tomorrow? Watch RAW.

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