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Two Years Ago, Alex Beckers saw Malenko beat Scotty to remain Light Heavyweight Champion, Al Snow got revenge on Big Boss Man, Rikishi win by DQ when Albert helps out Test, Sgt. Slaughter takes out Funaki in a match instigated by Joe, and Chyna might have been on the way to beating Val Venis for the IC Title, if only Saturn didn't run into cause a DQ there.

One Year Ago, Scotty beats Chavo in a return match from last week, TAKA sings all the words to Raven's theme song but it isn't enough to get Kaientai over Raven and Justin, Albert defeats Hugh in the first of their continuation marathon series, and Mike Awesome nearly kills Hardcore Holly but apparently it takes really killing him to beat him. At WWFNY, Stacy and Torrie talk trash about Miss Jackie and her crying on Tough Enough over Shadrick's departure - so of course Jackie shows up punk them both out at the end of the show.

If there's anything we've learned this week, it's got to be...wait, I don't think we learned anything at all. Never mind!

TV 14 LV CC open exterior - we're in Detroit, and your hosts are D'Lo and Coach.

Who will walk out Undisputed Champion tonight? Much more on that later, but let's hyped the RVD/Brock IC Title match. Which way will Triple H go? Let's look at how we got to having an interview as other third match from the top. I think the truest sign of how well Eric's speech went is only about two seconds of it making it into this very special video package. When Stephanie and Eric wrestle (I'm guessing early September), do you think JR will put over Eric's background as much as Tony always did? (3:39) Everyone will be here tonight - except you. Still to come, Goldust vs Steven Richards - that'll get you to stick around the hour! Maybe.

Slim Jim Jericho Blatant DQ of Three Days Ago

Backstage, John Cena talks to Lillian Garcia - my own self justification (because god knows they can't be bothered for their own stories to make any sense) for all the cross over stuff on the B-shows this week is that it's kinda a recruiting tool. "Everybody saw Chris Jericho wear me out with that steel chair - he knocked me down again, and again, and again! But he couldn't keep me down. Tonight, I'm here at Vengeance, and I'm here with a purpose, and that purpose is Chris Jericho. Tonight, I'm here to challenge Chris Jericho one more time. And tonight, I'm challenge him - leave the steel chairs outside the ring, and meet me down their for a one on one in a wrestling match. And you see tonight, Chris Jericho is going to find out, not only am I the rookie with Ruthless Aggression, but I'm the rookie that's gonna - kick - his - ass! You didn't get that? Let me rewind it for you - [makes talking in reverse noises] not only am I the rookie with Ruthless Aggression, but I'm the rookie who's gonna - kick - his - ass!" Well he was doing fine till he decided to make like Stasiak. Also, I thought only heels wanted wrestling matches.

Will Y2J accept this challenge? NAH. Moving on, Booker T vs Big Show, No DQ/No Countout - is it showing of a character trait that Eric's still saying "signing Triple H will be my first act!" since he booked that match, or is it just a lucky storyline inconsistency?

Here are highlights from Confidential - it's best not to really pay attention to any of the "shoot" portions of it because the spin will give you headaches from eye-rolling. (3:26) TRIPLE IS HERE OMG Now I simply must call my cable provider to find out which way he goes - I surely won't just wait till Monday and Thursday to see them replay anything worthwhile then...or just see him in action. Goldust vs Steven Richards later.

Also on tonight's card, Hogan/Edge vs Christian/Storm for the Tag Team Titles - oh we have to see this video package too? Hey look how they've reduced (?) Hogan to Jim Duggan, that's something. (1:47) D'Lo lets me down by not mentioning that Edge was born a non-American. There's a Triple Threat in the main event but no video package yet.

JVC Johnny the Bull Cameo on RAW - wouldn't that have made more sense for someone Eric might actually know (like Stasiak or Steven or RAVEN well maybe not) to do that? I don't think Johnny was a guy Eric would've lowered himself to talk to, back in the day.

Also on the card tonight - Jeff Hardy vs William Regal for the European Title, Dudleyz vs Benoit/Guerrero in a Tables match, Noble vs Kidman for the Cruiserweight Champion, RVD vs Brock for the IC Title, uh oh video package. (2:00) Steven vs Goldust is next!

Rey Mysterio Jr. is coming - this Thursday to Smackdown. D'Lo and Coach send it to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross, who talk about Rey vs Chavo on Smackdown briefly.

Steven Richards (w/ads) vs Goldust - Okay, this match is earlier than normal, which probably helps explain all those empty seats, but wow look at 'em. Also, this early of a match means we've got an angle or interview or something later on. The announcers talk up Goldust's popularity. Lawler, talking in that vein, actually says: "He's almost like a movie star!" but I think he realizes how dumb that sounded. Steven has stapes from that match on Monday. Lockup, no Steven brushes away, then a lockup, headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Shout and point by Steven. Lockup, Goldust with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, hiptoss blocked and Goldust hits an armdrag. Another, into an armbar. Pulling him up but Steven with a knee, forearm to the back, whip, reversed, backdrop. Armbar, but Steven escapes with an eye poke. Chop, whip, reversed, reversed again and Goldust goes front first into the ropes, rebounding out into a forearm, reverse neckbreaker takes him down one two no. Knee drops to the head, there's a camel clutch. Goldust gets a chant and battle up, elbow, elbow, and Steven forearms him. Chop. Corner whip, charge in - monkey flip but he's pushes off. Charge in again but no one's home and Steven crotches himself. Both slow up, exchanging punches, Steven off the ropes, but into a clothesline. Clothesline. Whip, inverted atomic drop, clothesline one two no. Whip, reversed, Goldust slides down and hits the punch to the face. Calling for it - Curtain Call? JR and Lawler have no idea what it is, but the fans know - Steven slips behind - reverse DDT one two no. Steven setting up for it - SUPERKICK is caught, clothesline misses, SUPERKICK one two NO. Steven REALLY needs a new finisher. Corner whip, Goldust rebounds out, Steven yells "I'll Show You", and walks about two steps right into a powerslam. One two three. Huh? (3:49) That was odd.

Hype for our decision (I guess that's actually the semi-main) and the title match leads us to a replay of Undertaker's interview from Smackdown. (3:50)

The Rock is here! That's good. Didn't want him to get lost or something.

Backstage, Terri talks Chris Jericho: "What's my response is going to be? What's my response? My response is that John Cena is a stupid clueless jackass! What's it gonna take for this kid to figure it out, what's it gonna take for him to learn, after I hit him with those 75 chairshots - AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, you think he would have figured it out, no no. I'll say this, John Cena has a lot of heart, but when it comes to brains, there's nothing up there. Even though I have huge match against Edge this week on Smackdown, I'm gonna accept John Cena's challenge for a [mocking] 'wrestling' match tonight on Vengeance, and I'll tell you why. Reason #1: Because I'm gonna to teach him another lesson, a lesson that unfortunately will end his [mocking] 'oh so promising career' before it even gets started. And 2, because I'm prevent a disaster, a Castro he of massive proportions!" "What disaster are you talking about?" "I'm talking about a mass revolute of every single pay per view buyer who purchased Vengeance, only to find out that Chris Jericho - the King of the World - wasn't even on the show. I should get an award for this, I should be treated like a hero by the WWE, but unfortunately, [Ventura] I ain't got the time, 'cause right now I've got to prepare to end a rookie punks career forever!" Let's take another break.

When we're back, JR and Lawler hype the PPV and the webcast a little bit - will Triple H switch? Hey, music - it's Tazz (w/Cole) - they're coming to takeover the announce both, aren't they. Aren't they. JR and Lawler don't have any idea what this all could mean, of course. When you think Thug Superstar, please think Michael Cole. Tazz gets a microphone and talks a while - hey, hi Spanish announcers! - anyway, the point ends up being that even those Lawler and JR are the greatest announcers ever, SmackDown!'s team ought to be doing PPVs, because Stephanie McMahon said so. Lawler's all ready to beat the crap out of Tazz one more time at the slightest provocation, but in the end, they agree to split the PPV in half - JR kinda hoodwinks the SmackDown! duo by getting himself the last half, but I guess it's better than nothing. Lawler can't believe they gave up half the PPV like that. Awkward segue to Main Event Hype here! (2:51)

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