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F R E E CRZ's Picks: Year Three T E X T
These eighty links represent only a small portion of the *665* guest columns that appeared on the [slash] over the past year.
Damn You, Vince by Dr. Tom 11.7.1
The People's View by Corey Steadman 11.7.1
Excerpt from "I, Shooter" not by Dean Malenko 20.7.1
Open Letter to Triple H by Llakor 24.7.1
...And Marking Out by Drop 26.7.1
Chuck Palumbo's New Theme by James Kalyn 31.7.1
The John Report by John C. 6.8.1
I Hate This Business by The Cubs Fan 7.8.1
Day of Infamy by Mr. Shh 16.8.1
Memos by Corey D 18.8.1
On Chris Jericho by Chris Cheavers 22.8.1
Wacky Wrestling Fiesta by Mark Goodhart 22.8.1
The Jericho Backlash by The Escapist 28.8.1
In Defense of the Darkness by Simon 30.8.1
Make Him Interesting - Make Him Human by cfgb 9.9.1
The WWF ****ing ****es Me Off by Joseph Weathered 2.10.1
Those Innocent Years by Alex Gipson 4.10.1
The Shame of a Wrestling Fan by Glen Napier 4.10.1
From the Dark Side by Mark Coale 5.10.1
From the Mailbag by Russ Ray 11.10.1
Twist of Fate by Dave Gagnon 18.10.1
Break Down the Walls by Justin Shapiro 23.10.1
Blue Moon by Gene White 23.10.1
The Problem with the Internet Pro Wrestling Subculture by Steven D. Schroeder 23.10.1
The Invasion Sucks! But I Can Save It! by Ron Wilson 23.10.1
The First Commandment by Jim Saccaro 24.10.1
Whither the Giant? by Handsome Eddie Famous 25.10.1
Mind Squeezins by E.C. Ostermeyer 2.11.1
Stephanie With...? by Alex Chan 7.11.1
The Benediction by The Right Reverend 19.11.1
My Homeless Column by Mark Coale 21.11.1
All the Right Moves by Marcus Blair 27.11.1
Hot Newz by Hot Newz 27.11.1
You Wanted a Column, You Got a Column by Jim Raggi 27.11.1
Mindless Rant by Shocker 2k 27.11.1
Hardway by Rush Walters 30.11.1
The Four Horsemen: American Male Heel Turners by Chris Cheavers 5.12.1
Another High-Profile Debut by Seadawg 9.12.1
The Month in Television - January by Ian Challis 16.12.1
The XWF Infomercial by The Cubs Fan 25.12.1
The Dead Web by Xavier Doom 7.1.2
2 Out of 3 Falls by Mark Coale 16.1.2
Preludes and Nocturnes by Albert B. Ching 17.2.2
NWO: Condensed Girly Version by P_funk 19.2.2
A Petition by Aaron Marco 26.1.2
A Brief Look at the NWO by Super Shane Spear 13.2.2
R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Ian Finlayson 14.2.2
An Interview with Goldberg by Jim Ross, Jr. 23.2.2
Naked Pictures of thecubsfan by Mike Lavieri 23.2.2
When We Were Marks by Llakor 26.2.2
From JHawk's Beak by Jared Hawkins 28.2.2
Interview with Goldberg, Pt. 2 by Jim Ross, Jr. 3.3.2
When We Were Marks by Llakor 6.3.2
Good, Bad & Ugly by Michaelangelo 13.3.2
WrestleMania Newz! by Hot Newz 17.3.2
...And Marking Out by Drop 19.3.2
Hey, How YOU Doin'? by Tom Dean 20.3.2
Lingering Stench by The Outsider 22.3.2
Why I Watch Every Week by Vinnie Zoom 24.3.2
The Split Breakdown by Ian Challis 28.3.2
The Irresistible Force by Brady Conroy 31.3.2
Almost Famous by The Bucs Fan 14.4.2
From the Outside Looking In by cfgb 15.4.2
The Scorpion King by Merc Oz 23.4.2
Idea Man by Matt Spaulding 26.4.2
Past Imperfect by The Outsider 26.4.2
Change is Good by Parts Unknown 10.5.2
An Imperfect End by Parts Unknown 14.5.2
The Mass Transit Incident by cfgb 19.5.2
Why Do You Still Watch? by Tanya 19.5.2
The Not-So-Great Canadian Fan Effect by BrewGuy 28.5.2
Walk It Off by Jack Epstein 3.6.2
Reliving Old Wonders by Asteroid Boy 14.6.2
Never Again by Jason K.H. 18.6.2
I Want My Crash TV by Brian Heavey 19.6.2
My Big Black Penis by Scott Christ 19.6.2
In Defense of Austin by Evacator Manes 21.6.2
Stone Cold Steve Austin - or - Why I Am A Wrestling Fan by Paul Smith 21.6.2
Chris Jericho vs. ME by Big Daddy Loco 28.6.2
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